WebChatGPT and ChatGPT Discover the Benefits!

WebChatGPT is a powerful language processing tool that enables users to augment their chat prompts with relevant results from the web. Developed by Anzor Qunash, the Chrome extension provides more accurate and up-to-date conversations through its integration with ChatGPT. This cutting-edge AI technology has revolutionized how we interact with computers.

With over 100,000 users and counting, it is quickly becoming a must-have tool for individuals looking to enhance their chat experiences.

Advantages of WebChatGPT

One of the critical advantages of WebChatGPT is its ability to provide users with relevant web results to their prompts. Using the extension helps to ensure that the information provided during conversations is accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, it is an open-source project available on Github, meaning the source code is publicly available for anyone to review.

Getting Started

Upon installation of the Chrome extension or Firefox extension, users may access the ChatGPT interface to adjust output language, activate/deactivate the web search, alter the number of results, filter by day, week, month, and year, and customize the search region. Moreover, users can craft and save their prompts, a unique extension feature.


WebChatGPT Interface

Prompt Select:

WebChatGPT Prompt Select

Prompt Edit:

WebChatGPT Prompt edit

Here is a custom prompt to get you started from Prompt News for a news article.

Web search results:

Current date: {current_date}

Instructions: Using the provided web search results, write a comprehensive reply to the given query. Make sure to cite results using [[number](URL)] notation after the reference. If the provided search results refer to multiple subjects with the same name, write separate answers for each subject. The article should be around 1000 words and broken up with <h2> tags occasionally.
Query: {query}


Whether you’re a casual user or a professional researcher, the extension offers a wide range of benefits and is easy to use. With its open-source development model and its integration with ChatGPT, WebChatGPT is a tool worth exploring for anyone looking to improve their online experience.

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